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06 Mar

Maruyama zoo sapporo mascot

maruyama zoo mascot

The furry animals zoo’s use for their drills aren’t the only kigurumi they have. Maruyama Zoo in Sapporo has an unusual green suited 50 year old man for their mascot. He’s called Maruyaman although his real name is Mitsuru Tsuburuya. He’s a quite and shy zookeeper who enjoys a can of cofee after work. Some creative bento box maker used his face in their delicious design and here’s his official site where you can watch him do a funky dance. Photo via originalprint-sou

01 Mar

Tama zoo recently held a drill to simulate what would happen if a Siberian Tiger escaped. The safest and of course cutest way to do this is get a smiling fur-suit costume and a theatrically starved zookeper volunteer. Ueno and Tama zoo have held similar drills in the past with different animals including a zebra, monkey, lion, rhino and bear. The drills give zoo staff the experience in dealing with first aid, protecting visitors and working with the emergency services. They almost always include a melodramatic stun dart scene too. Pink tentacle has many of the past drills collected together.

zoo costume drill