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19 Feb

Sesebo mascot

Burger mascot

Sasebo in Nagasaki is an important naval base and has been since the late 1800s. After WWII the American Navy took over parts of the base and continue to have a presence there. In the 1950s enterprising Sasebo citizens started making and selling burgers to cater to the appetites of the Americans stationed there. With its long tradition of homemade burgers Sasebo has become famous all over Japan. Around the city you can pick up maps which detail more than 20 burger restaurants scattered around the city. To help identify the official Sasebo burger restaurants you need only look for a Sasebo Burger Boy sign which stands outside the shops. Takashi Yanase the creator of Anpanman designed the mascot. Sasebo Burger Boy has a girlfriend called Sasebonoboko-chan who looks a bit crazy. To find out more about the city and it’s burgers Japan visitor has a great post about it.