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20 May

beijing china olympic mascot

olympic mascots beijing

Meet Huanhuan one of the five mascots that were created for the Beijing olympics in 2008 and the first non-Japanese fursuit on the blog. The Fuwa as they are known match the colours of the Olympic Rings and carry a message of friendship and peace. I saw a version of Huanhuan at the olympic park when I recently visited Beijing. Huanhuan represents the olympic flame while the others embody the characteristics of popular animals in China, the fish, panda, Tibetan antelope and swallow.

According to the official site “When you put their names together — Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni — they say “Welcome to Beijing,” offering a warm invitation that reflects the mission of Fuwa as young ambassadors for the Olympic Games.”

The site also describes Huanhuan in more detail;

In the intimate circle of Fuwa, Huanhuan is the big brother. He is a child of fire, symbolizing the Olympic Flame and the passion of sport — and passion is the blessing he bestows. Huanhuan stands in the center of Fuwa as the core embodiment of the Olympic spirit. And while he inspires all with the passion to run faster, jump higher and be stronger, he is also open and inviting. Wherever the light of Huanhuan shines, the inviting warmth of Beijing 2008 — and the wishful blessings of the Chinese people — can be felt. The fiery designs of his head ornament are drawn from the famed Dunhuang murals — with just a touch of China’s traditional lucky designs. Huanhuan is outgoing and enthusiastic. He excels at all the ball games and represents the red Olympic ring.

I’ve seen a number of versions of the fuwa on the web including a furry slim fit costume, large round inflatable version and a more blocky inflatable set.