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20 Apr

earthquake and tsunami characters

Matt Alt alerted me to Tsunami-man after his latest blog post which looked at tsunami mascots and characters. I’ve also spotted some anthropomorphic waves on the signs beside a river near where I live but its the wonderful costumes for Tsunami-man (left) and Jishin-man (earthquake-man on the right) which interest me the most. The two characters are part of a team who warn the citizens of Kochi on the dangers of earthquakes and how to prepare oneself. Although the prefecture wasnt affected by the recent earthquake and tsunami they are well aware of the danger the prefecture faces if there’s another large earthquake, as has been predicted. Tsunami-man is described as indecisive and often gets angry while Jishin-man likes to hide in his secret underground base doing weight training. Yet again the king of characters, Takashi Yanase designed the pair. He’s of course famous for creating Anpanman but has also designed many other mascots which feature in my book including Sasebo-Burger Boy. I hope these wonderful characters can help warn people and save lives if Japan ever experiences such an awful disaster again

tsunami mascot

Earthquake mascot character