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17 Feb


I’ll be at Pecha Kucha in Tokyo this Wednesday (23rd of February) talking about Kigurumi and my new book. I was there last year in May talking about Idle Idol which was surprisingly good fun. The above character is Panpaku-kun (often know as Panpakupantsu) if you’d like to find out more about him and other mascots come along, you might also get a free badge too.

16 Feb

MBP recently sent me some copies of the newly printed Fuzz and Fur. The book is the same great size as Idle Idol so would look great beside it on your bookshelf. This time however we went for a different quality of ink and paper. I can tell you it looks fantastic. To see for yourself you’ll have to wait till July when it comes out in bookshops, but you might be lucky and find a copy over at Amazon. Also if you want to see a preview of the book click here. If you have a copy let me know what you think in the comments.