26 May

Wakayama police mascot kigurumi

Wakayama was once known as the Kishu Domain before the Edo period which explains the name of the Wakayama police mascot. There’s also a type of dog from Wakayma called the Kishu-ken. This breed was originally used to hunt boar and deer as they were often very quiet and would stalk prey silently preferring not to bark. Kishu-kun was born on July 1, 1994 and proved an extremely successful character in Wakayama where he appears on mobile phone straps, t-shirts, stuffed toys and much more. There’s also a four meter tall Idle Idol on the side of the road in Arida where my wife’s family is from. To find out about Japans other 48 police mascots head on over to Idle Idol. Top photo via.

Wakayama police mascot idle idol

Wakayama police mascot

Wakayama police mascot

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