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24 Jun

I’ve recently spotted a number of posters with eight different kigurumi in support of Japan and Tohoku. From left to right we have Ikubee from Aomori, Sento-kun from Nara, Guripuu from Kagoshima, Hachimaru from Nagoya, Nyanyo from Ehime and finally Yubarifusai from Hokkaido.

10 Apr

Tokyo election mascot

Voting kicked off in local elections across Japan with Meisui-kun encouraging people to go out and vote. Oh his chest is either his name Meisui (as shown above) or the the word senkyo which means election (below). The lines on his head represent the slots in the ballot box. He has wings on his back to help him fly forward and realise a fair election.
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Tokyo election mascot

08 Apr

hanami kigurumi 2

The season for cherry blossom viewing or hanami has finally hit Tokyo and although some parks have been reluctant to encourage the festivities people were out in full force at Yoyogi park which I visited last weekend. I met Rilakkuma (relaxed bear) doing a great job of collecting money for the survivors of the tsunami and earthquake. There were a number of kigurumin too including Stitch, a squirrel, Eeyore and Tigger. It was a little bit cold on Sunday so I’m sure the kigurumi kept them warm.

hanami kigurumi 3

hanami kigurumi 1

15 Feb

Yurukara festival

It all started in October 2009 after I visited the Yurukyara festival in Hikone. Hikonyan pictured above was the undeniable star of the event and almost caused a riot when he was driven along the street. Hikone (Hikonyan’s home town) was hosting the now annual Yurukyara festival, a celebration of Japanese fur suit mascots. The event spurred my interest in this unusal form of characters and I decided to make a book on the subject. This blog will document the fuzzy and furry mascots I find in Japan but I also welcome you to send me your fur suit sightings from anywhere in the world.