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22 Feb


bird mascot

Yasaiseikatsu is a vegetable drink which means vegetable life. Last year they ran some crazy commercials featuring Yusuke Kamiji (some famous dude who’s awful at singing and acting) and a strange green and orange chicken type creature with aubergines hanging from it’s beak. The odd animal is called Asakatsutori which could mean lively morning bird. Theres some funny videos with the mad mascot on youtube where he rides a horse, cooks, gets a tan on a sun bed and many more. My favourite is below.

21 Feb

Hyogo mascot

Hyogo Hamasaka kigurumi

Hama-chan is a large white radish (daikon) from Hamasaka in Hyogo. His banner reads Hamasaka hamadaikon displaying the name of the small town and its locally grown vegetable. He was created to help revitalize the area and promote the town for its speciality vegetable. Daikon is an important part of Japanese cuisine, it’s used as a garnish for many dishes like sushi or as a simmered vegetable. The versatile vegetable can be eaten raw in salads or cut into strips for dips. It can also be grilled, baked, boiled, broiled or stir-fried. Daikon is also very low in calories and rich in vitamin C. The Daikon girl below was spotted in Ginza, Tokyo selling a salad dressing. I also found another daikon kigurumi online called Daichan.

Daikon fursuit

19 Feb

Sesebo mascot

Burger mascot

Sasebo in Nagasaki is an important naval base and has been since the late 1800s. After WWII the American Navy took over parts of the base and continue to have a presence there. In the 1950s enterprising Sasebo citizens started making and selling burgers to cater to the appetites of the Americans stationed there. With its long tradition of homemade burgers Sasebo has become famous all over Japan. Around the city you can pick up maps which detail more than 20 burger restaurants scattered around the city. To help identify the official Sasebo burger restaurants you need only look for a Sasebo Burger Boy sign which stands outside the shops. Takashi Yanase the creator of Anpanman designed the mascot. Sasebo Burger Boy has a girlfriend called Sasebonoboko-chan who looks a bit crazy. To find out more about the city and it’s burgers Japan visitor has a great post about it.

18 Feb

Labi Monkey

Loft Rabbit

Two random kigurumi animals I spotted recently in one day of shopping in Tokyo. The monkey was found in Labi a big electronics store while the rabbit was milling about in the department store Loft.

17 Feb


I’ll be at Pecha Kucha in Tokyo this Wednesday (23rd of February) talking about Kigurumi and my new book. I was there last year in May talking about Idle Idol which was surprisingly good fun. The above character is Panpaku-kun (often know as Panpakupantsu) if you’d like to find out more about him and other mascots come along, you might also get a free badge too.

15 Feb

Yurukara festival

It all started in October 2009 after I visited the Yurukyara festival in Hikone. Hikonyan pictured above was the undeniable star of the event and almost caused a riot when he was driven along the street. Hikone (Hikonyan’s home town) was hosting the now annual Yurukyara festival, a celebration of Japanese fur suit mascots. The event spurred my interest in this unusal form of characters and I decided to make a book on the subject. This blog will document the fuzzy and furry mascots I find in Japan but I also welcome you to send me your fur suit sightings from anywhere in the world.